What to do in 48 Hours in Brasov, Romania

August 18, 2021


In June 2021, I was fortunate enough to travel to Romania.  It was an extra special treat since the global pandemic had made leisure travel next to impossible for most of 2020.  I had been itching to get out of the country, and was even more excited about documenting my travels with my camera.  


My good friends at Wandering Puffin Travel created an amazing itinerary that helped make our travels smooth, and even more enjoyable.  We started out in the Transylvania region of Romania, which is famously the home of Dracula, who despite his bloodthirsty reputation, was actually a local hero!


Transylvania is the home to the medieval city of Brasov.  During our 2 days in Brasov, we packed in a load of amazing sights (and photos!).  Here are my recommendations of what to do in 48 hours in Brasov:


  • Visit the Peles Castle

    • Peles Castle embodies everything that is the fairy tale castle.  It is an absolutely amazing sight!  It was built in the late 19th century for King Carol I.  What a masterpiece of new-renaissance architecture!  It is considered one of the most beautiful castles in all of Europe.  

Peles CastlePeles CastlePeles Castle

  • Visit Bran (AKA Dracula’s) Castle

    • Bran castle has become known as “Dracula’s Castle” because it is the only castle in Transylvania that matches the description from Bram Stoker’s famous novel.  This stunning castle was built in the 14th century as a stronghold that overlooked a busy mountain pass between Transylvania and Wallachia.

Bran CastleBran CastleBran Castle

  • Visit Old Town Brasov

    • Among many other wonderful sights in downtown Brasov, be sure to check out the “Black Church.”  Also be sure to enjoy some time strolling the cobblestone streets in search of a delicious Romanian meal!

The Black ChurchThe Black ChurchThe Black Church in Brasov

  • Visit Rasnov Fortress

    • Rasnov Fortress sits on a rocky hilltop above the town of Rasnov, not far from Brasov.  This impressive structure offered refuge for townspeople in times of war.  

  • Visit Prejmer Fortified Church

    • Also, just outside of Brasov, the Prejmer Fortified Church is one of the 25 Unesco heritage sites in Romania.  It is the largest fortified church in southeastern Europe, and underwent an impressive 50 sieges.  While it is quite a site to see from the ground, it is even more astounding if you can score an aerial view!

  • Visit Harman Fortified Church

    • Just 10k outside of Brasov, Harman Fortified Church is another one of the 25 Unesco heritage sites in Romania.  This well preserved medieval monument is a must-see while visiting Romania.  It is known for rare and well-preserved pre-Reformation paintings.

The memories of my 48 hours in Brasov are captured in the photos from my trip.  Check them out in my gallery.  Romania is a beautiful country and I am grateful that I had the opportunity to visit.  Maybe you'll see a photo from my travels that would look great on your living room wall!


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