Top 5 Reasons Photography is the Best Hobby

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Top 5 Reasons Photography is The BEST Hobby


Hi, I’m Brent Kaire, and I’ve been a photographer for nearly 40 years.  Photography is an art that transcends the barriers of time and space.  It is a way to preserve an image for future generations to experience and enjoy. 

London PubLondon Pub

Nowadays, we have the ability to share this art over the internet, and even via text message, with our friends who may be hundreds or thousands of miles away.  Photography has been an amazing gift in my life, and if you’re thinking about getting taking on a new hobby, here are my top 5 reasons photography is the best:


1.) It is a hobby that can be enjoyed by literally ANY person.  It doesn’t matter how old you are, how educated you are, or even how many hours per week you work, YOU can take great pictures, and have fun while you’re at it!  

2.) There’s consistent opportunities for growth.  There are so many ways to grow as a photographer.  You can start to attempt more difficult shots of animals in motion.  Maybe you decide you’d like to dabble in portraiture.  Not only that but the digital photography industry is constantly advancing.  There’s new technologies to try out, new courses to take to gain new skills.  I can’t think of anything more satisfying than seeing myself progress and grow, doing something that is FUN!

The Island, Croatia, Travel and Photoraphy in CroatiaThe Island, Croatia

3.) You can take it anywhere with you!  The average digital camera does not take up much space.  Most cell phones now have AMAZING cameras, so you don’t even need to take anything extra with you!  So, whether you are heading to your son’s soccer game, or flying overseas to hike majestic mountains, your camera can be there to capture the most magical moments.

4.) It is a way to share experiences with others.  A well thought out photograph is a way to share a special experience in your life.  Wedding photography is an easy to grasp example.  When you see the photo of the “first look,” or the mother/son dance, your heart swells, even if you weren’t there.  Same with travel photography!  You can give your friends and family a glimpse of the amazing experience you had while exploring new places.  

5.) It is something you can turn into a side hustle (or even full time job!).  Let’s say you enjoy photographing families, and are especially good at catching amazing candid shots.  Believe it or not, capturing those special moments is something that people pay good money for, so perhaps you could be a special event photographer.  Or maybe you have a knack for taking photographs of food.  Perhaps you could become a brand photographer that specializes in helping restaurants with photography for their websites.  The possibilities are endless!




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