Hey there!

My name is Brent Kaire, and I have been a photographer for nearly 40 years.  My photography journey began with film, which unfortunately has become a lost art.  So I migrated to utilizing a digital camera, and I love the ability to view my photos real time, and have to come enjoy new post production challenges. 

My other passion is travel, and over the years I have been fortunate to wander, camera in hand, to some of the most beautiful places in the world.  I can't tell you how lucky l feel to be able to combine my love of travel and photography!  If you've been to some of the places that I have been, you know that the experience is something that you never forget.  One of the things I love so much about photography, is that a great photo can take you back into that experience.   

So take a moment and wander through my galleries.  I hope you find something that makes you feel the magic of travel. 


All my travel is arranged and coordinated with the assistance of the Wandering Puffin, based in Minneapolis, MN.