Travel Photography

Scenes from the world's most beautiful places, captured for you to enjoy forever.

Do you love to travel?

Travel is an experience unlike any other.  New sights, like incredible architecture or stunning mountain landscapes.  New sounds, like a police siren in the UK, or maybe a language you've never heard before.  New smells, like bread baking at a French bakery, or tulips in a field in Holland.  New tastes, like Vepřo knedlo zelo in the Czech Republic, or Apfelstrudel in Vienna. 

As a traveller you know that when you return home from wherever your wandering may take you, you are not the same.  The experience of travel stays with you, forever.  When you see the images of the sights you saw, or are lucky enough to smell or taste the foods you tried, the feelings come back.  But maybe you weren't able to catch a photo of the evening sky in Vancouver, or the charming village in Latvia...

I am lucky enough to travel to some of the most beautiful places in the world, and it's my absolute joy in life to capture images of my travels to share with you.  I hope my photographs will take you back to a special time and place in your life.  And you can relive that experience over and over again every time you look at your framed print hanging in your living room.




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